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    H2B Audit Seminar

    Date: October 8, 2013, 9:00am – 11:00am
    Holly Kirkpatrick,Finance & Human Resources Director Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association
    The Steamboat Grand Hotel
    Steamboat Springs, CO
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    Our speaker is Kalen Fraser, President and CEO of The Labor Brain, Inc.  Kalen recently left an investigative position with the Colorado Department of Labor and is well versed in the audit procedures of the state.  I encourage everyone to visit her website at  Here you will find a page titled “The H Audit”, dedicated to H2B and H2A investigations.  She also offers “Tips of the Week” on various topics that each of us might find useful!  So that each of you can maximize this time with Kalen, she would like everyone to feel free to email her with specific topics regarding the H2B Audit process that you would like for her to cover during the seminar.

    After speaking with Kalen this afternoon, we are also looking to offer a seminar for restaurant owners and managers regarding labor laws and government investigations specific to their industry on October 8th as well.  While this may not apply directly to this group, I would love for you to pass that along to anyone you feel might benefit from this presentation.  Anyone is free to contact me directly for more information.