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    CO-SHRM Diversity Webinar Series

    Date: July 9, 2019, 12:00pm
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    Diversity & Inclusion Webinar Series starts July 9th

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    July 9th

    Rachel Esters

    A Transgender Experience:  A Personal Account


    July 9, 2019                                      12-1pm                       Credits: TBD

    This presentation includes an eye level view of what gender transition consists of, including male and female perspectives. The attendees are able to experience a subject that has become more visible nationally, in both our communities and the workplace. The presentations’ goal is not limited to only transgender issues, but by the nature of the topic, participants are able to have a better perspective of the challenges that women and minorities experience at work. This unique perspective will assist your organization in understanding the needs of transgender employees and provide an understanding environment. This presentation is designed to be a departure from standard training sessions by incorporating emotional experiences with a focus on discussion.

    August 8th

    Scott Ferrin

    Global HR Strategies for Today’s Culturally Diverse Workforce

    August 8, 2019                     12-1pm                       Credits: 1.0

    Business success today often hinges on a company's ability to bridge cultural differencesand build a productive, cohesive workforce spanning multiple countries. Understanding these
    challenges is the first step towards preparing for them and leveraging them for competitive
    advantage. This session will provide an overview of today's global workforce, the impact of cultural diversity on this global workforce and the HR strategies needed to succeed in it.  It will also look at global and cultural expertise as a key HR competency and important support resources to help HR professionals navigate this area.


    November 7th

    Lida Citroen

    How to Hire, Onboard and Retain Military Veteran Talent

    November 7, 2019               12-1pm                       Credits: TBD

    Does your company hire veterans ... or will it soon? Confused by the military resume and transferable skills? You're not alone. Many HR professionals see hiring and developing veterans as challenging. Estimates show that by 2023 there will be 3.5 million military veterans in the U.S. workforce. This presents a tremendous hiring opportunity for organizations interested in growing and elevating their talent base.  This webinar will answer these questions and many more.


    January 9th

    Jorie Cotton


    January 9, 2020                   12-1pm                       Credits: TBD

    Microaggressions are the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, orinsults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate negative messages to
    target persons based solely upon their group membership. In this training, you will learn
    about the various forms of microaggressions and their psychological a behavioral impact on work environments.


    February 13th

    BONUS Webinar for donators only - Tips & Tricks:  Applying for SHRM Foundation Scholarships

    Lara Makinen & Lisa Smith

    February 13, 2020   12-1pm                                  

    Did you know SHRM offers over 300 scholarships each year and that over the last four years 15 of the winners resided in Colorado?  This webinar will help participants learn what scholarships are offered through the Foundation, how to navigate the application site and provide helpful tips when applying.


    Have you made your SHRM Foundation donation this year?  If not, you can make it with this webinar series with a $15 minimum suggested donation to our SHRM Foundation per webinar. The BONUS Webinar is included with any donation.  If you donate at least $40, you will be able to attend all five webinars.