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    Online Project Management Course with Barb Waters - Earn 18 Recertification Credits

    Date: December 31, 2019
    Barb Waters, MBA, PMP
    $250 for HCHRA Members / $500 for non-members
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    Now through December 31st HCHRA is excited to work with Barb Waters for the Peak Business Management Online Project Management course.

    Are you a hidden Project Manager? Take this 5-question quiz to find out!

    1.  Have you been entrusted to lead a project for your organization, such as benefits open        enrollment, a hiring event, or rolling out a new policy?

    2.  Do you have a title other than project manager?

    3.  Did people come to you to ask about the status work on a project?

    4.  Are you accountable for performing work with a limited budget and schedule?
    5.  Do you and your coworkers perform most of your projects in addition to your regular jobs?
    If you answered “Yes” to at least 4 of these questions, chances are that you are a
    hidden project manager. So, what’s next?
    Earn 18 pre-approved recertification credit hours while you learn more about project
    (This training will also prepare you to take the Project+ certification exam
    if you would like to boost your resume.) 
    The coursework is online and can be accessed on demand.  Take it at your own pace and receive the 18 recertification hours upon completion.
    Retail Price: $500, 
    HCHRA Member Price: $250  
    For more information please contact Barb Waters at :
    (719) 237-5692 or

    For more details about the course go to link to the course