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    Community Consciousness: Diving into Equity Design and the Promise of Moving Forward with Intention

    Date: February 24, 2021, 10:00am – 12:00pm
    This series is hosted by HCRHA and Vail Valley Partnership
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    Summary:  Diving into DEI is an Eagle County panel series around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Each session will revolve around a different topic such as (public health, our public schools, wellness, leadership development, etc.) and will allow for the panel members to tell their personal stories of how they have been affected by inequity, data and observations they have found in their professional work regarding how our community is affected by inequity and what we can do as a community to improve.

    Session 5, February 24th: Register HERE!*

    Join Janina Fariñas, Ph.D, LPC, Chief Executive of L’Ancla, PLLC, as she walks us through an interactive workshop* that will encourage us to make commitments to be more intentional in bringing diversity and equity into our lives both personally and professionally. We will also learn about Janina’s work with L’Ancla, how she got started and the work she has done with partners in our community.

    *Please note this will be an interactive session so be prepared to reflect on your own experiences and participate to get the most out of this workshop.

    About L’Ancla

    L’Ancla serves as an anchor for the community and a catalyst for community change through consulting, non-dominant innovation, and revolutionary thought partnerships. Rooted in social justice, L’Ancla acts as a mainstay in the Latinx community, providing steadfast support when navigating the troubled waters of a system not designed for Latinx folks.

    Please RSVP to get the webinar information and note that space is limited. If you have questions for these panelists in advance, please email them to